Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC provides professional home inspection services, working with home buyers, home sellers, and professionals in the real estate industry. We value the trust that our clients place in our services and take the time to educate the client about the home condition in a way that is fully understandable. We communicate in a manner that is open and honest, providing you with an objective and impartial report on the condition of the home.

Brian Dyer is our home inspector, licensed by the state of North Carolina. As a previous builder from the area and a municipal inspector, his level of experience will help locate current and potential issues with your investment. He follows a strict code of ethics that protects the client and the industry.

Our Services

Pre-Listing Inspections


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC would like you to have a home that stands out in the marketplace as one that can be purchased with confidence. A documented home Inspection increases the odds of selling your home and can alert you to hidden issues or even advantages previously gone undiscovered. Fixing those items you have come to ignore over the years will strengthen your listing price and lessen bargaining power used by potential buyers. A home that has undergone a pre-listing inspection and has been cared for is a home that will likely sell faster and at a higher price.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC offers pre-purchase inspections for home buyers. A home is a large investment and you want to know the facts in order to make a well-informed decision. Purchasing a home without first getting an inspection by a professional, licensed contractor could become a costly and regrettable mistake. The value in having a full report on the condition of the home can quickly outweigh any cost associated with the home inspection. Know before you buy!

Pre-Drywall Inspections

Identify structural issues which are often covered by drywall and flooring

Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC often performs pre-drywall Inspections prior to insulation and drywall being installed. The purpose of the inspection is to look closely at the structural components and the three major mechanical installments before they are closed-in permanently. The Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC rough work is in the walls and now is the ideal time to ensure they are installed properly. A licensed home inspector will give the careful attention to detail needed to identify if appropriate clamps, strike plates, anchors and many other facets are properly installed during this phase of construction.  

Builder Warranty Inspections


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC will ensure your builder has a complete list of items to be repaired for the 11-month builder warranty. Homebuilders often provide 3, 6, and 11-month warranty services. The 11-month warranty usually marks the last visit from the homebuilder, after which the homeowner would like everything properly resolved. Leaving this task up to the builder is often a conflict of interest. More homeowners are choosing to receive an 11-month warranty inspection by a home inspector. Having managed award-winning warranty personnel for a nationally renowned homebuilder, Brian is familiar with the process and will provide a thorough inspection and report, keeping your interests the priority.



Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC offers consulting services for those who do not wish to have a home inspection but has concerns about their home. Consultations are useful for evaluating specific elements regarding your home. They are further used during limited inspections that are outside the scope of a traditional home inspection.  

Radon Testing


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC will have a radon test performed on your home, when requested. Radon can seep into the home through a variety of entry points, including cracks, windows, and water to name a few. Without proper ventilation, radon can reach dangerous levels and potentially lead to major health issues. With more energy-efficient homes and tighter insulation, radon has more potential than in the past to become trapped in our environments, causing health risks. A radon test is placed in the home for several days, after which it is evaluated by a radon specialist. The results are provided to you in a report.

Water Testing


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC will gladly have your water tested. Private wells and homes with older pipes are recommended for water testing due to possible contaminates as the integrity of the piping system has often been compromised by age and external factors such as tree roots or toxins. Brian holds a Biological Grade IV license in the state of NC, in addition to his home inspection license, and has performed many water tests to identify water quality issues. Please allow several days for your test results.

Termite Inspection


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC partners with local termite professionals to perform a termite inspection and documents the results for you in the report. 

Mold & Microbial Growth


Dobbs Home Inspection, LLC of Raleigh, Wake County, NC is trained to look for mold and forms of microbial growth in a home. If mold or microbial growth is suspected, we will refer you to a specialist for further investigation and resolution.


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Brian Dyer, Licensed Home Inspector

Brian Dyer is a Wake County native and a trusted member of his community. He embraces the opportunity to educate others about their home, enabling them to better protect their investment and the environment.

Customer service and the interest of the client has been the center of Brian's career.  Formerly a Construction Manager and Storm Water Pollution Protection Program Division Manager of custom homes and large neighborhoods, he oversaw construction of new homes through all phases, from lot zoning all the way through the eleven-month warranty.  As a Code Enforcement Official for the City of Raleigh, Brian continued to educate individual homeowners on how local zoning regulations can limit use of property.  Brian continues to maintain a NC Biological Grade IV License used for lab testing our valuable water resource.


- North Carolina Home Inspector

- North Carolina Biological Grade IV


- NCLHIA, Triangle Chapter

- InterNACHI, Certified Professional Inspector

- Triangle MLS

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